Staff stories

Lisa Gunn

Part of the TFT Family on Day One!

Sarah Gunn

Starting a new job is always a bit daunting, no matter what level you come in at… You find yourself no doubt asking ‘did you make the right decision? What will the culture be like? Will the work be interesting? Will they like you? Will you like them?!’ Not to mention trying to learn everyone’s names, how to work new systems and where to find the cups/toilets/stationary…

With all this going through my mind, I was impressed and immediately at ease due to the warm reception I received from my new colleagues. It seemed every single person said hi to me … I even got calls from staff in other offices to welcome me and offer support if and when I needed it. When I spoke to my team they told me this happened to them too!

What a difference this genuine response made to me – it definitely isn’t something you come across every day!

Now, when we new staff arrive, I think of this and it reminds me to go that little bit further to make them immediately feel like part of the TFT family!

Sarah Gunn

Rooftop Haven: the day we took on 
the terrace!


Last Tuesday 4th July, Deni (TFT Senior Graphic Designer) and I rushed out of the office at 5.30pm and bid farewell to those on the TFT night shift (just kidding, everyone at TFT has a hectic social life). Little did those socialites know we were actually taking on a ‘TFT nightshift’. We returned a couple of hours later thinking most would have gone home to find a couple of sedulous lassies still tapping away. But things needed to get under way; British Summer only promised sunlight until 9pm, *sigh*.

We planned to renovate our outdoor area.

We are so lucky here to have a terrace to enjoy the Summer weather on (all be it short-lived) and hence decided to make the most of our space. Our Partners are all brilliant and are always open to new ideas and ways to improve the space and environment around us, within reason (we did think about a waterslide and a putt putt course…).

We agreed with them that we would get plants that were sustainable all year round, reduce outdoor air pollution and can be ‘used’ by employees. Five and a half hours were spent putting together, testing, fixing then putting back together, rolling out, cutting, planting, measuring, capturing our progress on camera, and faffing about putting together a futsal table.


12.30am and we had somewhere to show off to clients and share with everyone who comes to do work or hold meetings here. We hope you all get a chance to use the space when you come to us and encourage you all to find ways to make what you have the best you can have it! (within reason…)