TFT’s first annual B Corp impact report is here

TFT became B Corp certified at the end of 2022, as part of our commitment to creating more positive impacts through our work and the way we operate as a business.

Now, one year in to our journey, we are publishing TFT’s first ever B Impact Report. This is our snapshot of 2023 from the perspective of the five B Corp impact pillars: Employees, Environment, Community, Customers and Governance.

Last year we celebrated our 50th birthday with two big announcements: we established TFT’s Employee Ownership Trust and we launched our in-house training and development platform to keep our team ahead of ever-advancing industry best practice.

But there has been so much more going on!

We continued to drive decarbonisation across the built environment with all our services. We aligned all our offices to rigorous environmental standards. We welcomed more graduate and placement roles into our team than ever before. We became B Corp advocates with one-to-one support for clients and industry peers, as well as joining industry debate on certification and what it all means. We campaigned for better policies from government to support Net Zero Carbon goals. Our team published industry guidance for Whole Life Carbon management across the building lifecycle. And we supported national and local charities with our time, resources and financial support.

All of these achievements, and more, are steps on our sustainable growth journey. We look forward to more progress still to come, and hope you’ll join us along the way!

Check out our full report via the link below.  

TFT charity spotlight: 1625 Independent People

Support for our local communities and charitable causes is central to TFT life, and has been throughout our 50 years! Each of our offices has strong local charity partnerships, so we can use our Volunteer Days, our skills and our resources to help many causes close to our hearts.

One of the longest relationships we have is with the Bristol-based charity 1625 Independent People (1625ip). They help vulnerable young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with housing, personal support, training and employment to overcome a hard start to life and gain a better footing for their future.

Through some 15 years, the TFT team has worked with 1625ip to raise money, share equipment and resources to set young people up for success. Today, the charity’s services help more than 1000 users at any one time!

Kingsley Hall

A major challenge for 1625ip is to refurbish Kingsley Hall, its Grade 2* Listed site in Bristol’s Old Market conservation area. It needs to turn this heritage building into a sustainable, long term and beneficial place for young homeless people to turn to, to overcome isolation, develop their skills and rebuild their lives.

The project will create:

  • Great spaces for young people to meet and receive training
  • A skills kitchen
  • A social enterprise
  • Housing for young people who have been homeless
  • High-quality office space for 1625ip colleagues

To keep the project moving forwards, 1625ip is always looking for support from anyone who can offer it. If that could be you, get in touch with us, or with the charity directly, here: https://www.1625ip.co.uk/kingsley-hall/

More support for the future

Not only has the charity grown, but it offers new support as the world changes. 1625 Independent People is 40 this year, and in the beginning its focus was on those who struggled with alcohol and drug use. Today the charity has a wider remit covering mental health, diet and neurodiversity challenges across society, which present major barriers for young people to progress.

So the support we can give through our time and our resources can benefit more people in the Bristol and South Gloucester area today than ever before.

As both 1625 Independent People and TFT look forward to celebrating major milestone birthdays this year, we can’t wait to keep working together for many years to come.

How can you help?

If you’d like to find out more about 1625 Independent People, what better way than to check out their upcoming sleepout challenge? Click here to sign up, and click here to see which sponsorship opportunities remain.

If spending a night under the stars isn’t your thing, fear not. You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag to enjoy the festival they’re putting on in the heart of Bristol. There will be live music, tasty food and a chance to meet the young people who benefit from 1625IP’s amazing services.

Come and join us at the Bristol harbourside on 2nd November 2023, to see for yourself how much good this charity is doing for young people in the region.

TFT takes on LandAid’s SleepOut Challenge!

On Thursday 2nd March 2023, the TFT team took part in the LandAid SleepOut, raising money to help end youth homelessness.

The SleepOut is a regular fixture in our calendars, in which we sign up to spend the night sleeping (or trying to sleep) outside, getting an insight to the conditions which many homeless people have no choice but to endure. This year was as challenging and rewarding as ever!

Thank you to the 13 people who took on the challenge: Jack Holland, Aditi Kumar, James Williams, Paul Skennerton, Marc Hill, Jay Ridings, Chris Keates Lewis, Gareth Barry, Robin Holme, Lisa Gunn, Denitsa Cherneva, Michael Wheeler and Dan Henn, who slept out at LandAid venues and at home around the country.

And this year had a twist, as LandAid challenged us to craft our own SleepOut ‘bed’ with just a sheet of cardboard! Deni Cherneva was up for the challenge, using her design skills to score second place, with a cosy bedroom setup…apart from the draughts!  

Most importantly, our one night in the cold helped LandAid raise more than £4,000 towards their total, which is now approaching £600,000! So a little bit of discomfort goes a long way to providing shelter for thousands of young people who would otherwise face the elements year-round.

Following the SleepOut, our team members had a lot to say about their experience, here are some of the thoughts they shared:

“It was exceedingly cold, and even more noisy. Sleeping alongside 432 others, makes you aware of how many people snore (about 80%) and the different tunes they play! 😊 So worthwhile – apparently best part of £600k raised from all locations! TFT were runners up in the best bedding design – well done Deni with her amazing talents. We were beaten by The Royal Household who created a Windsor Castle lookalike – very impressive.”

Chris Keates Lewis, HR & Operations Partner

“It was how I imagined it would sound being part of an invading Viking army. Funny the things you think of when sleeping out! Well done everyone, great effort!”

Jay Ridings, Partner

“A massive thank you to the staff who put in the hours to make it happen, and much respect to the charities who do the important work with the money we raise. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress on the refurbishment works for Kingsley Hall, which 1625 Independent Bristol are undertaking with the funds raised by our Bristol sleepers!”

Paul Skennerton, Head of Communications

A huge well done to everyone who took part and a massive thank you to everyone who supported us by donating.

If you would like to donate you can still do so by clicking here: https://join.landaid.org/fundraisers/TFTSleepOut2023

Now, who’s up for SleepOut 2024?!

TFT is a certified B Corp

TFT begins its 50th year in business with exciting news for our future: we are now B Corp certified!

As TFT’s impact on the world has grown with the size of our business and the scale of our client services, we are determined that our future growth continues to be positive and sustainable. B Corp certification enables us to do just that, by recognising the highest standards of social and environmental performance and aligning our ongoing efforts with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our first impact assessment gave TFT a B Impact score of 112.6, exceeding the 80-point certification threshold and more than doubling the median score for businesses taking the assessment (50.9). We were recognised for delivering positive impacts supporting workers, clients, communities and the environment across our business.

See our first B Impact Assessment Score and an explanation of its component parts, here.

Our approach to commercial real estate and construction consultancy was an important part of certification. We help clients maximise the value and resilience of their buildings, and with integrated decarbonisation support, we enable them to reduce embodied and emitted carbon risks across the whole building lifecycle.

Our ethical business practices were also recognised, including our focus on team wellbeing, development & reward; charitable engagement; environmental policies; professional leadership and a business structure which is legally committed to benefit a wider set of stakeholders than those with financial interests alone.

“We are delighted to have achieved B Corp certification at the start of our 50th year in business. As we look to our future, it’s only right to embark on a programme of improvement and seek wider benefits for our professional and local communities, as well as our environment.

“The certification recognises the value and impact of the advice we offer to clients to improve their buildings, as well as the emphasis we place on growing our business as a force for good.

“B Corp certification is about much more than winning a badge; it represents an ongoing commitment to improve. We’re now part of a global community of ambitious organisations, with whom we will work to advance our own standards.”

Alistair Allison, Managing Partner at TFT

TFT joins a global movement of over 6,000 companies meeting B Corp standards, and we’re excited to embark on the next step in our journey committed to continual development alongside these sustainable businesses.

Many of the principles underlying B Corp already play an important role in TFT’s ongoing environmental strategy, supporting decarbonisation in the real estate and construction sector.

As part of our plan for continuous improvement, we are verifying our science-based carbon reduction target and action plan, with The Science Based Targets Institute.

On an industry-wide scale, we are active in furthering the standard of sustainability across construction and real estate. This year, we are supporting key initiatives including the British Property Federation’s upcoming net-zero carbon policy recommendations for the UK Government. We are also part of the cross-industry effort to launch a pioneering Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard, on top of ongoing advocacy and leadership as part of the RICS, UKGBC, and as a Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) delivery partner.

To maintain B Corp status, companies must be reappraised every three years, demonstrating continuous improvement and accountability against the B Corp standards which are kept updated by expert input. TFT will be working closely with the B Corp assessment process to ensure the business builds on the significant achievements already made, as well as exploring new areas for growth and development.

TFT’s first impact report, reflecting on our first year of progress as a B Corp, will be published in January 2024.

Celebrating Pride 2022: sharing and seeing

As June rolls around, and we recover from the shock of being half-way through the year already, it’s time to look forward to a month of Pride festivities with LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

The bright rainbow colours mark a history of hard-fought rights and acceptance, coinciding with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It’s an important time for organisations of all shapes and sizes to reflect on how we create a more open and welcoming world.

For the real estate industry, institutions like the RICS have a major part to play. On Wednesday June 8th, the RICS Pride 2022 event discusses the importance of visible role models and asks what more can be done to create an equal and inclusive profession for LGBTQ+ professionals.

Ahead of that, we caught up with Neil Gilbert and Greg Curtis in our team to hear about their journeys to being out at work, and their views on what works and what could still be improved across our industry to support those who aren’t yet able to be fully themselves in the workplace.

On limiting beliefs when coming out:

Neil Gilbert, Partner, Bristol:

My journey out at work was self-delayed: I told myself I must get Chartered first! I thought I needed to prove myself with hard work and professional merit before I would be seen as more than my sexuality in a straight-male-dominated environment.

Of course, when the big moment came there was no issue – only apologies from the team! That was in the 1990s, and the industry feels a world apart today. Nonetheless, I know many professionals (new joiners and old-timers alike) still feel anxious about being themselves, and I worry for those who struggle to be fully honest about their lives while at work.

Greg Curtis, Associate Director, Birmingham:

I haven’t always been out at work – in your early 20s there is a lot going on in your head and you can find that you’re unsure of yourself or what you really want. But I knew that I wanted to be authentic and not fabricate a life outside of work for my colleagues.

Looking back, I also realise it was important to give those around me the opportunity to see the real me and, likewise, to give the opportunity for others to show how kind and supportive they are. Genuinely, most people will be. If you’re not being honest, people can tell and they might not be open and honest back, which affects the relationships you build. Before I came out at work, I wasn’t 100% relaxed and comfortable in my own skin and this likely affected my confidence to perform to my best.

On visibility:


Giving a platform for role models is a great way to encourage diversity across our industry. It was one of the things that attracted me to TFT in the first place, seeing the visibility of LGBTQ+ people and allies in the business, including FreeHold Co-Founder David Mann.

Those were signs to me about the company’s approach to business and part of its personality, and a few years in I’m glad to say it’s still somewhere I feel totally comfortable to work!


Coming out at work is one thing, it’s another to make your ‘whole self’ more visible at work. I am a big advocate for everyone to bring personality into their working relationships over time, bit by bit.

As I’ve done so through the years, my work became more meaningful and my relationships much stronger. Contacts become clients, and even great friends. I don’t think that would be the case if I had held myself back.

On the role of networking:


For the industry as a whole, I definitely want to see a more diverse networking scene.  This could extend to a greater connection between all parts of the industry, professional services, construction and trades people, and not as separate entities. This should also be integrated with greater cooperation with BAME networking groups, Women in Property, or generally, any ally networks.


Networks are important, and they don’t always have to be LGBTQ+ forums. To those struggling to be themselves at work, it can help to attend any upcoming networking event where you can make an introduction to some new people in a different way. Mention your partner, a date, how you’ll celebrate Pride, or something else altogether. You might be surprised at the response you get – or lack thereof! It can help empower you to open up a little more when you’re back among colleagues and clients.

If you’re looking for a supportive LGBTQ+ network, FreeHold was founded as the first networking forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender professionals working within the real estate sector. Since its official launch in September 2011 by TFT’s David Mann and Saleem Fazal from Taylor Wessing, the group has grown to over 1000 members and continues to expand.

This year, you’ll find FreeHold at a number of events hosted by a range of property companies and industry bodies. Stay up to date with their news on their website and Twitter feed.

Mark on a Mission: LEJOG for The Bike Network

Mark Fenwick, Associate Director based in our London office is a very keen cyclist. Mark takes part in various fundraising events and is always looking for new ways to give back to the community. In just a few weeks Mark will be cycling the entire length of the country: from Land’s End to John O’Groats, with five other riders raising money for The Bike Network.

That’s a whopping 900 miles, 8 days of cycling and one very sore Mark.

Donate here at the team’s fundraising page and help them reach their goal!

About The Bike Network

The Bike Network was founded in 2017 by Adam Froggatt.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer. Cycling changed my life.

After my treatment had finished, I had 3 months to wait before my final operation to remove the tumour. I was overweight and wanted to do everything I could to help improve my chances of a successful operation and speedy recovery.

I had no clue what would happen after buying that used bike off eBay. Since buying that bike, it has truly changed my life; I am fitter, healthier, and stronger than before cancer. I have rode thousands of miles, completed an ultra-marathon and the Royal Marines triathlon whilst raising in excess of £15,000 for charity.

I have created The Bike Network in the hope others can experience the same benefits I have.

Adam Froggatt, Founder
Some of the LEJOG team enjoying lunch during training

Training has been a slow burner since the start of the year but in the last month I’ve begun to consistently get hours on the bike and time in the gym too. I’m now at the same fitness levels as my peak last year. So, I’m calmly comfortable that I will be ready come April.

No amount of training can prepare you for the huge physical and mental task at hand. But a good level of base fitness and a ‘never say die’ attitude – I hope – will see me through to the end.

I’m really looking forward to each moment we break through a county. It’s going to feel surreal to work our way through Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Lancashire, to name a few!

Mark Fenwick on how he is preparing for LEJOG

Their journey begins on 19 April, keep an eye on our socials for LEJOG updates and more!

It’s time to talk, with Mind and LionHeart

Thursday 3rd February is Time to Talk Day, a joint mental health initiative by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, in partnership with the Co-op.

It’s all about encouraging people to talk about mental health with family, friends or colleagues and to focus on the different ways in which we can support those around us. To mark Time to Talk Day, LionHeart is running two free, friendly webinars over lunchtime, for RICS members to learn more about mental health awareness and the counselling services that LionHeart offers.  

What’s LionHeart? LionHeart is a charity for helping RICS members and their families in any way possible, from money worries to taking care of your mental health. Its aim is to be there for its members whenever life throws them a curve ball, from graduates studying for APC tests all the way through to retirement. 

TFT promotes these services for all our team and supports those who need further support in their career or with taking on the challenges that life presents us all. We’re all different, and our support is tailored to suit.

Make a note of these webinars coming up this week:

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness – 3rd February 11:00 to 11:45 

An introduction to mental health – and why it should be on everyone’s radar. 

Time to Talk: Counselling – 3rd February 13:15 to 13:45  

It’s Time to Talk Counselling! Join the LionHeart team who will answer all your questions about counselling and talking therapies so you can find out more about one of our most requested services. 

Click here to book and read about their other events throughout the year.  

Click here to find out more about Time to Talk Day. 

Finding a way to speak about mental health can feel daunting, but LionHeart has some tips on starting the conversation:  

  • Reach out to a friend, ask them how they’re doing  
  • Call someone you’ve not spoken to for a while 
  • Perform a random act of kindness for someone 
  • Give thanks to someone who has done something for you 
  • Go for a walk with someone and check in on how they’re doing 
  • Make someone a cup of tea and have a chat while you drink 

“Mental health really is a subject that affects each and every one of us – even if we like to think it doesn’t. We’d encourage members of the surveying profession to find time to join the conversations on Time to Talk Day.” – Jo Grant, LionHeart Training and Wellbeing Projects Manager.  

Best feet forward! Team TFT takes on LandAid’s Steptober challenge

With raincoats at the ready and best socks on, TFT begins Steptober 2021 today to help raise valuable funds for LandAid, to help end youth homelessness.

28 strollers, hikers, joggers and amblers are taking to the challenge with seven teams around the country. And we’re in good company, joining over 1000 fellow property professionals on the march for a great cause.

If you’re new to Steptober: during the month of October from the 1st to the 15th LandAid challenges those in the property industry to come together in teams of four and take the most steps over the course of two weeks to raise money for the charity, which is set up to tackle youth homelessness in the UK.  

If you would like to show your support, please consider donating what you can, and send a message to the teams via their JustGiving pages (linked in the team names below)!

The End of the Road  
Alistair Allison
Richard Aitchison
Mark Day
Jay Ridings  
One Step Beyond  
Lisa Gunn
Neil Wotherspoon
Jacqui Allen
Paul Skennerton  
South East Pedominators
Lisa Collings
Dan Henn
John Lewis
Carrie Fung

Cirque du Sore Legs  
Deborah Brown
Hugo Bradley
Alan Pemberton
Michael de Glanville  
Strutting Surveyors  
Alex Raddings
Ellie Doyle
Louise Pattullo
Jon Grimes  

TFT Fitbits  
David Mann
Fatimah Abarshi
Dylan Devshi
Amy Henderson  
The Eagle has LandAid  
Chris Keates Lewis
David Medcraft
Liam Drawwater
Emily Brodie  


TFT M&E Associate completes charity fundraiser Tour de Cornwall with ex-footballers

Tour de Cornwall
Top left – Mark at Land’s End on Day 1 of the ‘Tour’

Mark Fenwick, one of TFT’s keen cyclists, has just completed the Tour de Cornwall: 190 miles and 16,000 ft of climbing over three days across Cornwall to raise money for umbrella charity 11 Foundation. The charity ‘curate unique collaborations to provide support and funding to established charities to help enable health related initiatives, community led environment schemes and the provision of opportunities for disadvantaged and vulnerable people’ (www.11foundation.co.uk).

Read more

Former Chelsea and England footballer Joe Cole, who set up 11 Foundation with his wife Carly, joined the group of property professionals for the ride along with former teammates Wayne Bridge and Steve Sidwell. To keep in line with COVID-19 measures, riders had their temperatures checked before they set off each day and anyone with symptoms was pulled out of the event.

Upon completion, Mark said:

It was always going to be a challenge, however the certainly training paid off! We had fantastic weather for three days and with every climb our thoughts inevitably turned to the amazing cause we were raising money for. The rides were gruelling – even for the seasoned rider – but the entire group proudly completed the tour.

Donations from friends, family, TFT colleagues and industry peers have sponsored Mark over £2k, beating his £1750 target to help the team raise close to £50k for the charity.

This ride couldn’t have been possible without everyone’s incredibly generous donations and the support of my sponsors. We have just reached the £50,000 mark which is an amazing achievement by all.

A massive thank you to all of my colleagues at TFT for sponsoring me for this challenge!

If you’d like to show support and donate to the cause, please click here.


TFT votes to support local causes

In January, we were happy to ring in the New Year by giving everybody at TFT an extra day of leave to help a charity of their choice. Now, we are deepening our commitment to the local communities of each office around the country, with each office voting on local charities close to their homes and hearts, to support beyond the day job.

Read more

Each of our 7 offices in the UK (Bristol, Cardiff, Guildford, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh) have chosen their two local charities in hope to give back to the communities they value the most. Typically, local charities are often in need of extra feet on the ground, so we hope this will also encourage more volunteering opportunities for each office.

While local charities benefit from personal involvement of local people, our teams will also see the impact of their contributions first hand.

We want to be part of the bigger picture, helping to improve local environments and economies. Not only do local charities employ locally, encouraging personal interactions, but they also contribute to the growth and improvement of the direct community around us. As this community around us grows, we see significant and visible results enhancing overall wellbeing (Guardian, 2014).

Chris Keates-Lewis, Head of HR, said:

“This is an exciting direction for us, bringing our offices together in a TFT global effort to improve the lives of those closest to us, and the environment in which we enjoy our lives.”

The chosen charities include:

London: Bankside Open Spaces and Coram’s Fields

Guildford: Challengers and Macmillan Surrey

Bristol: St Peter’s Hospice and The West of England MS Therapy Centre

Cardiff: The Wallich and Ty Hafan

Birmingham: Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice and Zoe’s Place

Manchester: Wood Street Mission and 42nd Street

Edinburgh: The Cystic Fibrosis trust and Staffie Smiles.

TFT will also continue to support LionHeart and LandAid as their chosen national charities.