COVID-19: advice for adapting property and construction

COVID-19: advice for adapting property and construction

We at TFT have been tailoring our consultancy to a social and commercial climate we and our clients couldn’t have anticipated just a few months ago. The impacts of COVID-19 and our collective efforts to mitigate it impacts the whole built environment and all those who rely on it. Those impacts may be felt long beyond our experiences today.

Our specialist advice is adapting to new scenarios, but it’s still based on technical knowledge, commercial acumen and an understanding of building user needs. Together, we can help manage the risks and identify opportunities for buildings, users and those who work with them to adapt to a new normal.

In recognition of that, we have started collecting some perspectives from our teams. Our advice covers the entire building lifecycle and although we can’t summarise it all here, we hope these articles will provide some insight and food for thought to address your needs at this time.

We will be adding to this collection too, so please check back for more information.

If you have further questions or wish to speak with a specialist directly, get in touch with us.