Chris Keates Lewis

Chris sits on the Executive Board and heads up HR & operations across TFT’s seven offices. Employment matters, legal and regulatory activity, risk management and IT resilience are central to Chris’s role. Talent acquisition, development and management drive delivery of excellent service for our clients, and great careers for those who are with us.

Chris keenly promotes diversity in its widest sense, not just in gender and sexuality, but also around engaging talented people who do or think differently to the norm, and the richness and depth that this brings to our company. Having started at TFT working with David Tuffin, John Ferraby and Mike Taylor, quirky, courageous and driven talent kicked off the TFT story in the first place!

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From a start in foreign languages, to international mining and then to the property world, beyond my amazing day job I am involved in external collaborative professional networks, such as MPF, RSA, supporting education groups in connecting pupils with the needs of business, and career counselling for unemployed groups.

Adding international dimensions to the family life of my two tolerant twenty-somethings, plus husband and mutt, sees a regular flow of children, mainly from across Asia, who are at school here and need UK parents while away from home. In addition to this, I have about 30 nephews and nieces – the sum of which reinforces that my life is heavily about people!

Travel, hurling myself into water, wave jumping, and when I’ve dried off – opera, all put a smile on my face.