Development Performance Indicators

Development Performance Indicators

Organisations are increasingly looking to embed sustainability throughout their operations, and property portfolios offer significant opportunities for improvement. However, achieving an effective sustainability programme requires alignment with commercial and strategic objectives, including asset mix, scale, location, tenant profile and more besides. These efforts must also deliver resilient and future-proofed assets.

With years of experience applying sustainability requirements, TFT engages with our clients and their stakeholders to map material sustainability outputs and associated performance metrics.

We produce sustainability and wellbeing performance requirements that can be rolled out consistently across a development pipeline. To do so, we facilitate workshops, training and the launch of branded publications and associated guidance tools to formalise and drive engagement with the initiative.

Our expertise in planning policy, regulatory compliance and industry leading practices allows us develop performance indicators that are:

  • Core to the organisation’s corporate aspirations
  • Industry-leading
  • Marketable
  • Applicable to scope and scale
  • Future-proof