M&E Design Consultancy

M&E Design Consultancy

Mechanical and electrical (M&E) building services are integral to the efficient and sustainable performance of a building, but these complex and dynamic systems require thoughtful design to make the best of them. Correctly designed and installed services will deliver a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for building occupants, enhancing the value of an asset. In the worst cases, design issues can lead to project delays, higher maintenance costs and a poor occupier experience which risk de-valuing an asset in the long term.

TFT’s M&E design team brings decades of experience to design the right services for your building strategy. We work alongside project teams for single or mixed-use new build developments, refurbishments or extensions for existing buildings. Our advice covers all types of commercial property across the UK.


M&E design for sustainable building performance

We don’t just know how services function, we know how they interact with each other and the combined effects they have on a building in-use. We also know how a building should function against design performance standards, occupant expectations and industry standards.

If your building strategy includes objectives for efficiency and sustainability, we can provide additional thermal modelling, energy reporting and alignment with ratings such as BREEAM or SKA. Our team will also provide holistic recommendations on specific topics such as circular economy and net zero carbon strategies.

For buildings aiming to meet or to enable their assets to achieve a health and wellbeing standards such as WELL and Fitwell, or to implement guidelines for healthy operations and safe building re-entry, we can work with our dedicated well-being team to ensure designs are in line with those requirements. We also provide in-house cost analysis and health and safety guidance to support our designs and advice.

Our team includes CIBSE accredited engineers who are active thought leaders in their fields, contributing CPD seminars and technical papers to further industry knowledge and innovation.

Our senior engineers bring years of technical and management experience of commercial properties. We provide advice on design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of building services to buildings ranging from basic industrial units to some of the UK’s most complex and valuable buildings.

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