M&E Maintenance Monitoring

M&E Maintenance Monitoring

Maintenance monitoring allows mechanical and electrical (M&E) building systems to remain fully operational. That means a long, efficient life from your plant and compliance with legislation and statutory requirements.

TFT engineers help asset managers and managing agents keep building services operating correctly. We provide advice on preventing deterioration, unforeseen costs and the risks of asset devaluations resulting from poor management or malfunction. 

M&E maintenance monitoring for efficiency, sustainability and occupant well-being

M&E building services drive the basic functionality of a building and contribute to occupant well-being too. Quality of light, air, water and technology infrastructure impact the building’s user experience, occupant well-being, sustainability and energy efficiency objectives. If left unmanaged, these dynamic systems will eventually degrade a building’s performance. At first, such failures will impact occupant experience and overall efficiency. If left unchecked, cost and complexity to rectify problems could place an asset under financial risk.

TFT engineers are deeply knowledgeable about the design, installation and maintenance of building services. Our technical expertise is matched by a commercial understanding of how building services contribute to a high-performing asset and what must be done to maximise its value across its life.

Independent advice for M&E maintenance contracts

We provide independent tendering and procurement advice, as well as manage maintenance contracts to help clients control their costs and maximise the value of contracted works.

With unbiased technical knowledge, we can ensure the right work is carried out at the right time, and that proper documentation is provided to inform future maintenance plans or support a future building transaction.

We use a robust tender specification and contract document, customised to our client’s needs. We also use clear processes for tendering and analysing maintenance contracts.

Our teams include CIBSE accredited engineers who are active thought leaders in their fields, contributing CPD seminars and technical papers to further industry knowledge and innovation.

Our senior engineers bring years of technical and management experience of commercial properties. We provide advice on design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of building services to buildings ranging from basic industrial units to some of the UK’s most complex and valuable buildings.

We’ll help you take the right action to keep your building services at their best.