Mechanical and Electrical (M&E)

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E)

Do you need guidance on transitioning your buildings back to partial or full use? TFT advice can help you get mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services to run safely and efficiently.

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We believe that sustainable and efficient engineering is fundamental to the development, construction, occupation, operation and maintenance of the highest-quality buildings and their internal environments. This philosophy is integral to our service offering and is applied to every project we support. To deliver it, we have a dedicated Building Services Engineering team – TFT’s Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Consultancy. We focus on maximising the value of your property portfolio through enhancing the building services and ensuring that they are fit for purpose now and safeguarded against known future performance, legislative and environmental issues.

Across all market sectors, we draw upon our broad range of in-house disciplines and expertise to work collaboratively with leading architects, contractors, developers, landlords, owners, asset managers and public bodies to deliver economic, sustainable and high-performance outcomes for clients to match their business objectives.

Our senior engineers each have more than 20 years of technical and management experience of commercial properties and the design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of their associated building services. Our capabilities with respect to complex services installations are reinforced by the fact that we have provided M&E consultancy services for three of the buildings that feature in the UK’s four biggest property deals.