TFT contingency planning statement

TFT contingency planning statement

While official plans to manage the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus are continually evolving, TFT has taken steps to ensure the wellbeing of our team and those we work with every day while managing business continuity. We are closely following UK government advice and will update our policies to reflect new developments as appropriate. Our full staff policy for mitigating exposure, managing hygiene and reducing business travel is available on request.

We would like our clients, suppliers and other external parties to be aware of two points regarding our day-to-day contact and operations:

1. Business continuity: TFT has established systems which provide for our staff to work from any location and our team has the tools and experience to do so. Our national network of seven offices provides skills and knowledge parity across the business meaning we are resilient to peaks in demand and absences, while our systems allow us to collaborate and maintain business as usual, no matter where we are.

2. Virtual meetings: TFT uses Microsoft Teams for voice calls, video and screen/document sharing in internal and external meetings. This addresses problems of travel restrictions, however caused. We are encouraging all staff to reduce face-to-face meetings and to use these alternative channels. Where needed, we will set up Teams meetings on behalf of external attendees and provide instructions for them to join.

3. Site visits: Much of our work entails being on-site to survey, inspect and assess project progress. We have taken steps to reduce the need for these visits and to keep total attendees of face-to-face meetings to a minimum, for instance by reviewing video evidence rather than inspecting in-person. However, some visits are unavoidable. In these instances we have advised our teams to keep a 2m distance from other people and ascertain on-site procedures for limiting spread and maintaining activity in advance. If anybody in our client teams is self-isolating and unable to attend such visits, we will advise and recommend a reserve to attend in their place.

If you would like to know more, please contact our HR & Operations Partner, Chris Keates-Lewis.