TFT Bristol Take the Plunge for Local MS Therapy Centre


On Saturday 8th September, a team of five of TFT’s bravest took part in the South West of England MS Therapy centre’s ‘Take the Plunge’ challenge. This involved participants jumping into Portishead Marina just outside of Bristol, to be rescued by well-trained Newfoundlands, a dog breed who have a propensity to rescue people from water.  The annual event helps to raise the necessary funds in order to provide a range of treatments and therapies for people living with MS and other neurological conditions, including physiotherapy, oxygen treatment, acupuncture, reflexology and aromatherapy.

TFT were gold sponsors this year and the team raised over £700 for the local charity.

Jay Ridings (Associate, Bristol). who took part in the fundraiser, recounted the memorable day:

The sprightly TFT bunch arrived nice and early in the Portishead drizzle ready for freezing cold temperatures, slobbering faces and the risk of being eaten by our would-be rescuers. The dogs were huge and excitable!! To our relief they were also very well drilled and enjoyed (loved!) saving people.

We could not have asked for a better ‘saving’. Paul Spaven’s (Partner, Bristol) rescue dog was slightly reluctant to jump in initially (some said it was his fluorescent pink gloves!?) but the dog’s trainer assured Paul that it had happened the week before and that the canine was in a “phase”. Thankfully, he was eventually saved and so is still with us. Just as well, as he will be the next trustee for MS Therapy Bristol!

We all had great fun for such a brilliant cause and I would recommend that anyone who isn’t too keen on swimming gets a Newfoundland to drag them around in relative luxury!