Air quality, thermal comfort, sedentary living and COVID-19: TFT on the Green Urbanist Podcast


TFT Senior Energy and Sustainability Consultant Giulia Mori joined Ross O’Ceallaigh on the Green Urbanist Podcast to discuss ‘Wellbeing in the Built Environment’. Their discussion focused on air quality, thermal comfort, sedentary lifestyles and the effects of COVID-19 on the buildings we use.

You can listen to the full episode on all major podcast platforms. Here’s a Spotify link to Giulia’s episode.

And here are some of our favourite quotes from the discussion.

On a holistic view of well-being:

When we talk health and well-being it is not just about the absence of disease but is ultimately the enjoyment of a productive life that brings us happiness and makes us feel satisfied. This includes both physical well-being and mental well-being”

On the versatility of buildings and well-being design:

“I am a great fan of bioclimatic architecture, which means buildings are designed for the climate you are building them in. Even when the client aspiration is different to a bioclimatic approach there is always something we can do to make buildings sustainable and healthy.”

On promoting less sedentary lifestyles:

“When we design a building, we can design it to have active circulation within the building. For example, motivational signs on the lift to remind you that the building has stairs. Sometimes it’s just about reminding people that opportunities to move within the building are there”.