Asset Extinction vs Adaptation: TFT’s annual CPD session


This year, TFT’s annual CPD session will demonstrate how surveyors, asset managers and investment managers can meet the sustainability challenges of their buildings. We’re inviting you to join us.

Beyond Brexit, economic cycles and political upheaval, climate change and resource scarcity are exerting major pressure on today’s property industry. Accordingly, 23 of the UK’s leading property owners (responsible for a combined £300bn of assets under management), have agreed to deliver net-zero-carbon portfolios by 2050. Their pathways for action will be published in 2020.

But how do we meet these goals? By integrating sustainable asset management practices with day-to-day operation.

In a 1.5 hour CPD session, TFT specialists will combine technical knowledge and commercial perspectives with the latest sustainability practice and principles. We will demonstrate how surveyors, asset managers and investment managers can all contribute to the sustainable performance of the buildings they work on.

Topics to be covered on the day include:

  • The climate and biodiversity emergency: Helen Newman, Technical Partner
  • Redefining building performance: Austen Bates, Associate
  • Building services: maintaining performance and coping with climate change: Marc Hill, Partner (M&E)
  • Wellbeing performance for asset resilience: Giulia Mori, Senior Energy & Sustainability Consultant
  • Circular buildings: Natalia Ford, Senior Sustainability Consultant

The session takes place on the morning of December 5th, in central London.

Are you interested in exploring methods of meeting the sustainability challenges of your buildings and portfolios?

To join us, contact Jacky Bell at