Cladding Safety Scheme: funds for building remediation works


The new Cladding Safety Scheme is open, and TFT is here to help building owners and occupiers access it. Although the application process can be complex, we offer four steps of support to help you secure the right funds and deliver safer buildings.

What is the Cladding Safety Scheme for?

The Cladding Safety Scheme is the second fund established by the UK Government to remedy unsafe cladding in residential buildings. This scheme is for buildings over 11 metres high. However, in London the scheme is only for medium-rise (11-18 metre) buildings.

The funds are only for remedying unsafe cladding on external walls. A condition of the funding is for you to carry out these remedial works swiftly, and to keep leaseholders informed along the way. 

Who can access these funds?

The person responsible for the external repair of the building is responsible for applications. This might include the freeholder, a Local Authority, a Right to Manage company or a Property Managing Agent.

In most cases, developers or owners which have signed up to the Developer’s Pledge should pay for building remediations through the Developer’s Pledge policy.

Whichever party is accessing the funds, they will need specialist support helps to compile the right information for success.

How can I apply for Cladding Safety Scheme funds?

The application process can be complex, requiring accurate building information and details of the proposed works to proceed, including: 

  • A compliant fire risk assessment of the external walls (FRAEW) by a competent professional which identifies the cladding systems which require remediation
  • A work package with full contractor schedule and costs 
  • Statutory consents for the works
  • Demonstrated value for money in the works package (by getting multiple quotes or running a tender process)

Missing information can lead to rejected applications, meaning more time taken to access the funds and remedy unsafe buildings. 

Four steps to secure the funds and complete the works

TFT has an experienced team ready to manage the assessment of buildings and support you through the process from end to end. We know the information required to support your application for building safety work funds. 

Our four-step process gives your application the best chance of success, and includes project managing building safety works to improve your buildings swiftly and with transparency. At the end of the process, building owners will have clear documentation to record the quality and detail of the works.

The result is peace of mind for building owners and occupiers.

Find out how this process can help you understand your building risks, and secure the funds to put them right. Get in touch with Robin Holme, here.