Dominic Thomas

Dominic is TFT’s Director of CDM Services and is responsible for managing the team of CDM consultants at the London office in the delivery of CDM Principal Designer, Principal Designer Advisor and Client CDM Advisor services to support Clients, Developers and Designers in compliance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. He has a background in managing CDM teams at multi-disciplinary consultancies, where he has worked alongside colleagues in architecture, engineering, project management and surveying.

As a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Building, he is a multi-skilled construction professional and CDM consultant, qualified in construction, occupational health and safety, fire safety and building safety. He is an advocate for building safety and has supported his teams and Clients in preparation for the introduction of the Building Safety Act and its secondary legislation.

Dominic’s experience spans a range of sectors including residential, commercial real estate, aviation, infrastructure, modular construction, demolition, refurbishment and conversion works, and remedial works including fire safety remedials and recladding.

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I live in West London, but I’m originally from Saltcoats, a small seaside town on the west coast of Scotland, which on a clear day has some of the best views of the coast and the Isle of Arran you could imagine… although the Scottish weather means those clear days are few and far between!

Outside of work I enjoy sports: running and badminton being my latest hobbies and keep me busy, and just about keep me fit! West London, in particular the riverside along Hammersmith, is a great place for running outdoors. I also love going to the cinema – I’m not a cultured film buff, I’ll just watch absolutely anything, even the bad films can be entertaining.

I love travelling and recent years have been fortunate to travel to New York, across Italy and weekend breaks to various cities in Europe. My favourite part of travelling by far, is trying the authentic local foods in each country and city that you just can’t get replicated anywhere else. Food is my greatest passion, I just need to balance it with the running to keep the pounds off!