Evgenia Budanova

Evgenia is an Associate at TFT with 11 years of experience in the Environmental field across the UK and internationally.

Her expertise covers passive environmental design, energy strategies, sustainable master planning (daylight and sunlight, solar radiation), overheating analysis, building envelope and thermal building performance. She also accomplished multiple BREEAM projects on pre-assessment, design and post construction stages across the UK.

Evgenia worked on a wide variety of the projects within sustainability sector including residential, care homes, offices, retail, hospitality, leisure and educational buildings. She has experience in educational projects promoting sustainability in schools and regularly teaching ecology and sustainability in a Sunday school. She is Level 5 Non-Domestic Energy Assessor, which allows her to issue the highest level of assessment withing the formal Energy Performance framework.

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In the past 13 years, I worked as a Sustainability consultant in PRP and ChapmanBDSP trying to make this world a better place by putting together all sorts of environmental reports. I accept that the amount of paper used for this purpose wasn’t an environmentally friendly act.

I have two little (10 and 5 y.o) blond male tornadoes at home who regularly destroy the house and train me to put their toys back to the place making sure that I spend my time efficiently.