Mike Duck

Mike is a Senior Director and heads up TFT’s Lender Monitoring service line across the business. Mike has a varied  background which has seen him work in the contracting, private practice and local authority sectors but for the last 12 years has specialised in the monitoring of developments. Mike and his team provide monitoring services to a diverse range of lenders including Clearing Banks, Private Banks, Challenger Bank and other boutique non-Bank lenders. Mike was the lead support to the 2015 Lender Monitoring Guidance Note. Mike regularly delivers CPD talks to clients.

Acting as Independent Monitoring Surveyor is set apart from other, more typical, surveying disciplines in that it demands a wide reaching understanding and knowledge across the development and funding spectrum. Mike’s role varies from reviewing a Banking Loan Document and Ground Contamination Reports to Developer’s Appraisals and cash flow.

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It is the diversity the role that appeals to me and that at the same time requires an experienced Surveyor to be able to truly represent the best interests of a lender client, and add value to the process.

During my time at TFT I have been involved in a variety of schemes including student accommodation, private rented sector, office to residential conversions, housing estates, light industrial, super prime residences, budget hotels and a car showroom. Again it’s the diversity that is the essence of the job. I like that we can be meeting with a Developer and being presented with their strategy to address an outstanding Contractor’s claim, to then be discussing the mechanism for inclusion of off-site materials in a valuation, to then providing an opinion on a proposed amendment to a JCT standard form of contract.

Some of my more notable challenges / interesting moments include a two year delay on a one year refurbishment programme, a Contractor going into liquidation, swapping clients following a re-finance mid-way through a development, seeing a high value residential development flood through effluent back up just weeks before completion, understanding how a burial ground was to be treated in a convent conversion scheme! My work is about attention to detail, clarity of reporting and relationships, and I strive at all times to deliver a top quality service.

Outside of work I have my young family to keep me busy along with my interest in following rugby with a passion!