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My journey to property: Ellicia Perry, Undergraduate Building Surveyor


Ellicia stepped into the property industry at one of its most challenging times. Not only is she getting to grips with TFT’s services but she’s getting to know her team in Birmingham more over video calls than in person. We had a chat with her about how she’s found this very unusual beginning to her journey in the industry.

My journey to property
How did you get into the industry and what led you to your current role?

Since I was young, I have always had an interest in construction and made the decision years ago to go into the industry but had no idea how. Whilst studying a diploma in business at college, I undertook work experience at my local council building control department. A lot of the team there were building surveyors so this led me to research the role and attend university open days before deciding on the Building Surveying pathway.

I am currently on my professional work placement for my sandwich degree at Coventry University and I know that the knowledge that I am gaining whilst working at TFT will be extremely useful in my final year!

Have you come across any particular challenges within the industry?

The biggest challenge at the moment for those who have just joined the industry is COVID-19. Starting a new job with a socially-distanced office or working from home is very different to what I envisaged for my sandwich year so adapting to the new way of work life has been a challenge.

Other than that, I have found that colleagues and clients are very supportive of women who are starting in the construction industry.

Do you have any advice to give people who don’t know too much about it/who are considering going into the industry?

My advice would be to try and get a placement at a construction-related company. This will give you an insight into the industry and whether you will be suited to it before you make the decision of choosing your career path.

Also, when you start working in the industry remember that nobody expects you to know everything and there is always somebody to ask for help. There is such a range of roles and projects out there so you never feel like you’re going to get stuck down one pathway!

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