Building Defect Investigation

Building Defect Investigation

We deal with commercial properties only including offices, industrial (manufacturing and storage), hotels, retail and shopping malls, leisure centres and stadia, data centres, senior living and build to rent premises.

We are not able to give advice on residential dwellings, flats or houses unless they are in portfolio ownership.

Every day we’re reminded of the unfortunate but inevitable consequences of building defects and deterioration. If you are concerned about understanding how this happens, when it can happen and what can be done to remedy it, you need surveying and pathology expertise on your side.

Why are these attributes so important for the best building defects advice?

Whether you’re dealing with design deficiencies, improper operation, poor construction, lack of maintenance or statutory compliance issues, the important thing is to quickly and accurately diagnose the cause(s) of failure.

It requires understanding the complex relationships between building components, including their arrangement and the environmental factors to which they have been exposed. This rigorous investigative process helps avoid the trap of implementing seemingly obvious solutions which fix a symptom rather than the root problem, and may instead exacerbate an issue.

Our teams have experience working across all commercial building types. We can provide cost-effective and robust solutions delivered in clear terms. Typical initial inspections and reports are subject to building type, location and the nature of the issue under consideration.

Take a look at our case studies to see the kinds of projects we’ve delivered, or get in touch with us direct to discuss your needs.

Specific services include:

  • Building surveys using the latest equipment, including drones (UAVs) to access the inaccessible.
  • Managing intrusive investigations which open up materials and establish the cause of failure.
  • Arranging for specialist laboratory analysis of material samples.
  • Coordinating specialist consultants including façade cladding engineers, fire engineers and concrete experts.
  • Investigating building services defects including mechanical, electrical, public health and lifts.