M&E Engineering Design

M&E Engineering Design

Mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) building services are integral to the efficient and sustainable performance of a building, but these complex and dynamic systems require thoughtful design to make the best of them.
TFT’s MEP design team delivers well-designed services solutions ensuring a safe, healthy and effective environment for building occupants. Our work enhances the value of an asset by delivering high performing spaces for a demanding occupier market, while avoiding potential design issues which contribute to project delays, occupant discomfort
and higher maintenance costs.

The TFT team has extensive design experience for new build and refurbishment projects across a number of sectors from commercial and industrial to education, defence, healthcare and residential. Having a broad range of experience allows us to bring best practice and innovation from other sectors. It means we explore design options with a
focus on progress and challenging ourselves: ‘how can we do this better?’.

MEP design for sustainable building performance
We know how building services function, how they integrate within passive measures, interact with each other and the combined effects they have on a building in-use. We also know how a building should function against design performance standards, occupant expectations and industry standards for the best outcome. We very much
believe in delivery beyond basic compliance and our team skills reflect this, with a number of engineers within the team being accredited IES level 5 modellers, in addition to their core engineering discipline.

This enables them to input to the feasibility stages of a project, particularly with respect to building physics and thermal modelling, in addition to understanding how this translates into system design. We regularly work with architects and other design team members to influence passive design, including natural ventilation and building
orientation to maximise thermal benefit, as part of a fabric first approach.

Our team are well versed in energy reporting and ensuring systems and approach align with ratings such as BREEAM or SKA. The team will provide holistic recommendations on specific topics such as circular economy and net zero carbon strategies.

For buildings aiming to meet a health and wellbeing standard such as WELL and Fitwell, or to implement guidelines for healthy operations and safe building re-entry, we can work with TFT’s wellbeing team to ensure designs match those requirements. We provide in-house cost analysis and health and safety guidance to support our designs and advice. Within the team many of the engineers are CIBSE accredited, there is a strong mentality to be innovators within the industry.

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