M&E Maintenance Monitoring

M&E Maintenance Monitoring

Mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) maintenance monitoring provides property and asset managers and managing agents with specialist oversight of the procurement and implementation of the maintenance of building services. As buildings are expected to deliver higher standards of sustainability, compliance, user experience and wellbeing outcomes, our experienced team of engineers ensures that building systems are equipped to deliver them.

Buildings are for people, so we start with wellbeing performance. MEP building services drive basic functionality including light, air and water quality, and infrastructure for technology. If left unmanaged, these dynamic systems degrade a building’s performance on many fronts, from the user experience and well-being, through to sustainability and energy efficiency. Left unchecked, these issues can spiral in both cost and complexity, placing an asset under financial risk.

This is underpinned by ensuring building services are maintained in compliance with Statutory, health and safety and legislative compliance. We do this through established industry standards, such as BESA SFG 20. We supplement this with our experience and the specifics of the building’s requirements and your organisation’s business plans. This is checked regularly through scheduled meetings and audits.

TFT engineers are deeply knowledgeable about the design, installation and maintenance of building services. Our technical expertise is matched by a commercial understanding of how building services contribute to a high-performing asset and what must be done to maintain its greatest attainable value throughout its operational life.

We provide independent advice for the maintenance of MEP services, but the first line of defence should be maintenance contracts. In addition to ongoing support, we provide independent tendering and procurement advice, as well as managed MEP maintenance contract tenders to help clients control their costs and maximise the value of contracted works. This can scale from the provision of an asset register to a full “turnkey” process, starting with a briefing meeting for the client’s requirements through the full tender process, analysis of the returns, recommendations as well as contract production and mobilisation.

We can support the selection of computer aided facilities management (CAFM) systems, and will ensure a cost-efficient solution specified through our robust tender specification and contract document processes.

With unbiased technical knowledge, we ensure the right work is carried out at the right time, by the right engineers. We also understand the importance of complete documentation and data gathering, which is accessible to our clients to inform future planned preventative maintenance (PPM) scheduling, end users’ information requests and facilitate eventual building transactions.

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