M&E Project Monitoring

M&E Project Monitoring

Protecting the best interests of those with financial concerns in projects is the key responsibility of the project monitor. Mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) systems have huge impacts on end-user health, wellbeing and satisfaction, and therefore also to a building’s long-term value and resilience. TFT project monitors deliver detailed analysis and risk mitigation for these systems, tackling anything that could have a detrimental impact on performance and/or successful and efficient operation of the building over its lifespan.

At TFT we have experience of undertaking this role across a number of sectors, particularly for commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments.

A key part of the role is to ensure the right questions are asked at the right time, to confirm technical compliance with client requirements as well as codes and standards. We can also prompt the design team to explore longer term opportunities, rather than settling for ‘how it’s always been done’. This may include identifying whether new technologies or approaches have been taken into account, whether building design considers whole lifecycle analysis, and whether sustainability or net zero carbon (NZC) requirements have been considered to ensure an asset’s

During the construction stage, we monitor progress of the works in terms of quality, compliance and programme, and ensure the detailed witnessing and commissioning process is properly undertaken.

Working as a combined Engineering & Sustainability hub, we can offer independent post-occupancy evaluation, inclusive of measurement, and close the development cycle by using lessons learned to inform future project briefs.

Given our Engineering & Sustainability team’s extensive experience in design and delivery of projects through to completion, we are familiar with the practical implementation of designs, not just the theory. We can draw on experience gained through MEP and NZC technical due diligence works to help identify opportunities in existing buildings, including those where embodied carbon is a focus.

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