M&E Technical Due Diligence

M&E Technical Due Diligence

Buildings are constructed to last, but the world around them is constantly changing. The mechanical and electrical systems that serve them have shorter life expectancies, while legislation, compliance requirements, new technology and design solutions are driving up standards for best practice and sustainable performance. Occupiers have a greater understanding and are more demanding in terms of the property requirements. This allows them to future proof their investments and improve end user experience, workforce wellbeing and effectiveness and reduce operational costs. Commercial risks of a landlord/investor falling short include reputational damage from sub-standard delivery, and asset obsolescence in the long term.

Technical due diligence (TDD) identifies and manages these risks to facilitate acquisition and disposal of commercial property. TFT’s Mechanical and Electrical TDD (MEP TDD) consultancy supports clients by identifying the risks presented by building services systems to our clients’ property investment goals and future needs.

We know how MEP systems are designed, how they function and how they can fail. We also understand design criteria, maintenance, servicing and compliance. We work closely with our clients to recognise their investment strategies and apply this knowledge to advise purchasers and occupiers on the condition of complex building services installations, along with the cost, impact and responsibility for improving them. We support sustainable investment strategies, assessing the long-term picture of environmental, social and economic impacts across the building lifecycle.

We can help embed sustainable outcomes in development, operation and transaction processes to save clients significant costs and loss of value when it comes to ‘catching up’ with more progressive regulations and market expectations in future.

Our engineers and consultants assess buildings against new legislation, standards and certification schemes to ensure our analysis is relevant to the needs of all kinds of building investors.

These can include:

Our team includes CIBSE accredited engineers and consultants who have years of technical and management experience of commercial properties.
We have provided TDD advice on buildings ranging from basic industrial units to some of the UK’s most complex and valuable buildings, as well as properties across Europe.

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