Rights of Light

Rights of Light

A right to light is a right to an adequate level of light over land belonging to another. It is one of the key constraints that can affect the development potential of a site, particularly in dense urban areas.

Rights of light is a separate matter to planning and is one of the few factors that can halt a development once planning permission has been obtained and work has commenced on site. It is important that professional advice is sought as early as possible to ensure that the cost implications associated with rights of light are established.

We specialise in providing flexible and detailed advice to clients, developers and architects. We provide initial massing and feasibility studies using our specialist software to establish potential compensation budgets, while advising on the associated risks to ensure that the correct mitigation measures are evaluated to maximise the value and density of any site.

Our clear and concise advice can help affected neighbouring parties understand their rights with regards to the likelihood of the courts granting an injunction to stop or alter the development or the level of potential compensation they could be entitled to as a result of the development.

Our dedicated team will establish the associated risks early on in the development process to ensure the successful and efficient delivery of every scheme.

Our expertise includes:

  • Pre-acquisition and feasibility studies
  • Development optimisation assessments
  • Detailed technical assessments and strategic advice
  • Scheme cutbacks and area loss calculations
  • Rights of light negotiations for developers or affected neighbours

These new services form part of our wider neighbourly matters offering, which also includes party-wall consultancy and over-sailing advice. Neighbourly matters are an integral part of TFT’s Development and Project Consultancy service line. See more examples here.