TFT charity spotlight: 1625 Independent People


Support for our local communities and charitable causes is central to TFT life, and has been throughout our 50 years! Each of our offices has strong local charity partnerships, so we can use our Volunteer Days, our skills and our resources to help many causes close to our hearts.

One of the longest relationships we have is with the Bristol-based charity 1625 Independent People (1625ip). They help vulnerable young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire with housing, personal support, training and employment to overcome a hard start to life and gain a better footing for their future.

Through some 15 years, the TFT team has worked with 1625ip to raise money, share equipment and resources to set young people up for success. Today, the charity’s services help more than 1000 users at any one time!

Kingsley Hall

A major challenge for 1625ip is to refurbish Kingsley Hall, its Grade 2* Listed site in Bristol’s Old Market conservation area. It needs to turn this heritage building into a sustainable, long term and beneficial place for young homeless people to turn to, to overcome isolation, develop their skills and rebuild their lives.

The project will create:

  • Great spaces for young people to meet and receive training
  • A skills kitchen
  • A social enterprise
  • Housing for young people who have been homeless
  • High-quality office space for 1625ip colleagues

To keep the project moving forwards, 1625ip is always looking for support from anyone who can offer it. If that could be you, get in touch with us, or with the charity directly, here:

More support for the future

Not only has the charity grown, but it offers new support as the world changes. 1625 Independent People is 40 this year, and in the beginning its focus was on those who struggled with alcohol and drug use. Today the charity has a wider remit covering mental health, diet and neurodiversity challenges across society, which present major barriers for young people to progress.

So the support we can give through our time and our resources can benefit more people in the Bristol and South Gloucester area today than ever before.

As both 1625 Independent People and TFT look forward to celebrating major milestone birthdays this year, we can’t wait to keep working together for many years to come.

How can you help?

If you’d like to find out more about 1625 Independent People, what better way than to check out their upcoming sleepout challenge? Click here to sign up, and click here to see which sponsorship opportunities remain.

If spending a night under the stars isn’t your thing, fear not. You don’t need to bring a sleeping bag to enjoy the festival they’re putting on in the heart of Bristol. There will be live music, tasty food and a chance to meet the young people who benefit from 1625IP’s amazing services.

Come and join us at the Bristol harbourside on 2nd November 2023, to see for yourself how much good this charity is doing for young people in the region.