TFT demystifies dilapidations

White paper

The TFT Dilapidations Flowcharts are an industry first. They explain and demystify the various steps involved in a typical end-of-lease dilapidations dispute, identifying how a dilapidations liability is calculated. For the first time, complex issues such as the classification of fixtures and chattels, the reinstatement of alterations and disrepair are explained visually. The dilapidations dispute resolution process and options are also identified.

We hope the TFT Dilapidations Flowcharts will become a useful industry-standard resource for both clients and other surveyors to help improve the dilapidations process. At present, partly because dilapidations disputes can be highly complicated but partly also because many who dabble in dilapidations do not know the background to the issues, dilapidations disputes can become contentious, costly and time consuming. The TFT Dilapidations Flowcharts are part of our effort to improve this area of practice.

Jon Rowling, Technical Partner:

We created these flowcharts to help demystify what can be perceived as an impenetrable and complex area of surveying and the law. Hopefully, with wider knowledge within the professions, dilapidations disputes can become less contentious, easier to understand and easier to settle. We hope you find the TFT Dilapidations Flowcharts helpful, perhaps even interesting!