TFT establishes an Employee Ownership Trust


TFT has become an employee-owned business, having established its Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) following 19 years as a Partnership (LLP).

The change to EOT status marks TFT’s 50th year and comes with two commitments for the future: to share ownership and benefit for the whole TFT team, and to deliver on the firm’s values without external conflict or compromise.

The news follows TFT’s B Corp certification in December 2022. An ownership structure for shared benefit is part of TFT’s continual progression towards its B Corp goals: improving business performance, accountability and transparency.

As part of the new corporate structure, TFT Partners are now Senior Directors of the company, and take the same ownership status as all employees to share equally in the firm’s success via its Trust.

TFT’s leadership remains unchanged, but take C-Suite titles, with Alistair Allison remaining CEO, Alan Pemberton as Chair, Dan Henn as Chief Growth Officer, Seth Love-Jones as Chief Operations Officer and Mat Lown as Chief Knowledge & ESG Officer.

The decision is significant to TFT’s future, as CEO Alistair Allison says:

“The Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is real milestone for us, allowing the team to share equally in TFT’s success and future growth. It also means that our long-term commitments – to our team’s security, our clients’ quality of work, and our wider ambition to create a better built environment – are protected from possible external conflict.

“TFT has enjoyed a long life of independence which has become one of our defining assets. Our previous Partnership structure was crucial to preserve that independence. The Partnership has also made for a smooth transition to the EOT, which brings additional reassurance for our team and our clients that we will be independent for a long time to come.

“We continue to invest in long-term progress, resilience and sustainability. In recent years that has meant innovating our services and broadening our expertise to accelerate decarbonisation. While the challenges of the coming decades are less clear, our team’s ideas, skills and passion will be essential to meet them, and the EOT structure can empower more ideas and perspectives on our future.

“As we celebrate reaching 50 years in business, we continue to evaluate our role in the decades to come. How should TFT benefit our team, our clients, our industry and the wider world? We all have a long way to go in improving our positive impacts on the future. This shared ownership structure is the best way to remain focused on those goals without conflict or compromise.”

Alistair Allison, CEO, TFT