TFT peaked over the weekend


A mighty team of seven from TFT met the LandAid Peak2Peak challenge last weekend, covering over 50km on bike, foot and backside as we biked, hiked and canyoneered the Peak District. Two giant peaks were scaled, fitness and endurance was tested, and teamwork ensured that everyone came through.

We caught up with Chuan Lim (Guildford) and Pete Madge (Bristol) to see how they found it!

What did you enjoyed about the challenge over the weekend and what did you struggle with?

Pete: The combination of biking, hiking and gorge scrambling with the beautiful backdrop of the Peak District was an absolute pleasure, but particularly enjoyable was the banter with the rest of our Team TFT along the way and completing the challenge together.

Chuan: There was some spectacular scenery on the hike including the remains of a WW2 Halifax bomber found on the Moor, and, later on, laughing as Sarah (London) fell (stylishly, of course) into a peat bog! The gorge scrambling was rather tricky too but we were all up for the challenge and there was a pub waiting for us at the end!

I enjoyed spending time with TFT colleagues and fellow property professionals in the great outdoors- testing ourselves physically and supporting each other whilst taking in the wonderful views of the Peak District.

Why it is important to you to partake in such activities?

Pete:  For me, it is really important to include ‘fun’ in fundraising, to do some team building, explore some new countryside and set yourself a bit of a goal.

Chuan: Whilst events like these are great for fundraising and are (mostly) lots of fun, it is important for TFT to be socially responsible – demonstrating our support and raising awareness of amazing charities like LandAid and their mission to end youth homelessness in the UK.