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My journey to property: Harry Thomas, Associate Project Manager


Harry Thomas recently joined our Bristol office as Project Management specialist having spent two years doing a similar role in New Zealand. He has a keen interest in sustainability and hopes to drive its uptake across the industry.

My journey to property
How did you get into the industry and what led you to your current role?

I spent four years studying Geography at the University of Edinburgh then went to Malta and worked in security operations before heading to master the world of wine in London. My itchy young feet led me to travel to Hong Kong for two months where I had an internship in the air cargo terminal there before hopping over to Australia to pull pints! I wanted to throw myself into any opportunity that came my way, before finally settling on completing an MSc in Building Surveying.

When it came to getting a job, my lack of specific property experience wasn’t an issue; thankfully it’s an industry that places far greater value on you as a person and your wider skills and ambitions. I qualified as a Building Surveyor but have moved more towards project management over the last few years. I really enjoy the satisfaction of taking a project from an initial brief to the hand over of the keys. It’s a great journey!

What do you think is most exciting about the industry? 

I believe that there is huge scope to grow within the industry which is the most exciting aspect. My experience is that if you put yourself forward and show willingness to learn, opportunities tend come your way.

I am also passionate about sustainability and this is something that I am excited to develop within my role. I think that the importance of sustainability is becoming more and more acknowledged within the industry, as seen with the recent ‘Declare’ movement. Also, Project Managers are uniquely placed to influence clients and decisions in a positive manner from inception to completion.

Do you have any advice to give people who don’t know too much about it or who are considering going into the property industry?

I don’t think people are aware of the enormous range of sectors within the industry: there’s something for everyone! No two days are the same and you can be highly specialised in a specific field or undertaking ten different roles on ten different instructions. It’s also truly global and can take you anywhere – I’ve just returned to the UK after two years working for a Project Management firm in New Zealand! Life is what you make it!

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