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A breach of the non-financial obligations in a lease can lead to a dilapidations claim, which can be complex and technical, and the procedures and timescales are often crucial in successfully pursuing or defending claims.

As a landlord, you will want to preserve the value of your asset and be compensated for any losses that you incur as a result of your tenant failing to comply with their lease obligations. As a tenant, you will need advice on the validity and quantum of your landlord’s claim, as well as any statutory protection. In either situation, you need an experienced building surveyor and M&E expert with knowledge of the legislation, procedures, remedial work options and costs.

You need a trained negotiator by your side to help you achieve settlement of the claim and resolution of any dispute. We have a highly regarded, specialist team of industry-recognised dilapidations experts who can act for you and offer advice on how to deal with dilapidations matters in the most effective way.

In 2018, TFT published ‘The TFT Purple Book: A Guide to Dilapidations in the UK’ – an important new guide to dilapidations written by a surveyor for surveyors, solicitors, asset managers, students, landlords and tenants.

The Purple Book has been described as “invaluable to the practitioner whether surveyor or solicitor”, “an accomplished piece of work”, “vital reading”, “illuminating”, “a valuable guide of immense assistance”, “a must have pocket book” and “a gem”.

You can read more and order the book here and here.