TFT announces additional ‘Volunteer Day’ for all staff


We believe that charitable work and volunteering is great for business. It helps attract and keep talented employees, improves our relations with communities, strengthens brand value, improves our client relations, demonstrates corporate value and builds team work and leadership skills. If done successfully, these projects and initiatives also help to expand our capacity to impact the issues most relevant to our long-term success, in a  changing business environment where doing good and doing well go hand in hand.

That’s why we do fundraising campaigns, why we offer pro-bono services and why we are now providing a minimum of one additional day of leave for volunteering per year to all TFT employees, starting now.

HR & Operations Partner Chris Keates-Lewis said:

We are a socially committed business, reflected by our amazing people in their activities outside TFT and in connection with the charities that we support. We are delighted to provide each person with a paid Volunteering Day each year as part of a structured approach to CSR, starting in January 2019.

Managing Partner Alan Pemberton said:

A big part of TFT’s culture is our sense of corporate responsibility – we love to give back, and to use our collective skills and experience to do good together. I’m proud to help empower our people to do even more with their paid leave and excited to see what ideas and initiatives come through as a result.