TFT is a certified B Corp


TFT begins its 50th year in business with exciting news for our future: we are now B Corp certified!

As TFT’s impact on the world has grown with the size of our business and the scale of our client services, we are determined that our future growth continues to be positive and sustainable. B Corp certification enables us to do just that, by recognising the highest standards of social and environmental performance and aligning our ongoing efforts with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our first impact assessment gave TFT a B Impact score of 112.6, exceeding the 80-point certification threshold and more than doubling the median score for businesses taking the assessment (50.9). We were recognised for delivering positive impacts supporting workers, clients, communities and the environment across our business.

See our first B Impact Assessment Score and an explanation of its component parts, here.

Our approach to commercial real estate and construction consultancy was an important part of certification. We help clients maximise the value and resilience of their buildings, and with integrated decarbonisation support, we enable them to reduce embodied and emitted carbon risks across the whole building lifecycle.

Our ethical business practices were also recognised, including our focus on team wellbeing, development & reward; charitable engagement; environmental policies; professional leadership and a business structure which is legally committed to benefit a wider set of stakeholders than those with financial interests alone.

“We are delighted to have achieved B Corp certification at the start of our 50th year in business. As we look to our future, it’s only right to embark on a programme of improvement and seek wider benefits for our professional and local communities, as well as our environment.

“The certification recognises the value and impact of the advice we offer to clients to improve their buildings, as well as the emphasis we place on growing our business as a force for good.

“B Corp certification is about much more than winning a badge; it represents an ongoing commitment to improve. We’re now part of a global community of ambitious organisations, with whom we will work to advance our own standards.”

Alistair Allison, Managing Partner at TFT

TFT joins a global movement of over 6,000 companies meeting B Corp standards, and we’re excited to embark on the next step in our journey committed to continual development alongside these sustainable businesses.

Many of the principles underlying B Corp already play an important role in TFT’s ongoing environmental strategy, supporting decarbonisation in the real estate and construction sector.

As part of our plan for continuous improvement, we are verifying our science-based carbon reduction target and action plan, with The Science Based Targets Institute.

On an industry-wide scale, we are active in furthering the standard of sustainability across construction and real estate. This year, we are supporting key initiatives including the British Property Federation’s upcoming net-zero carbon policy recommendations for the UK Government. We are also part of the cross-industry effort to launch a pioneering Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard, on top of ongoing advocacy and leadership as part of the RICS, UKGBC, and as a Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) delivery partner.

To maintain B Corp status, companies must be reappraised every three years, demonstrating continuous improvement and accountability against the B Corp standards which are kept updated by expert input. TFT will be working closely with the B Corp assessment process to ensure the business builds on the significant achievements already made, as well as exploring new areas for growth and development.

TFT’s first impact report, reflecting on our first year of progress as a B Corp, will be published in January 2024.