TFT’s first annual B Corp impact report is here


TFT became B Corp certified at the end of 2022, as part of our commitment to creating more positive impacts through our work and the way we operate as a business.

Now, one year in to our journey, we are publishing TFT’s first ever B Impact Report. This is our snapshot of 2023 from the perspective of the five B Corp impact pillars: Employees, Environment, Community, Customers and Governance.

Last year we celebrated our 50th birthday with two big announcements: we established TFT’s Employee Ownership Trust and we launched our in-house training and development platform to keep our team ahead of ever-advancing industry best practice.

But there has been so much more going on!

We continued to drive decarbonisation across the built environment with all our services. We aligned all our offices to rigorous environmental standards. We welcomed more graduate and placement roles into our team than ever before. We became B Corp advocates with one-to-one support for clients and industry peers, as well as joining industry debate on certification and what it all means. We campaigned for better policies from government to support Net Zero Carbon goals. Our team published industry guidance for Whole Life Carbon management across the building lifecycle. And we supported national and local charities with our time, resources and financial support.

All of these achievements, and more, are steps on our sustainable growth journey. We look forward to more progress still to come, and hope you’ll join us along the way!

Check out our full report via the link below.