Work for TFT

Work for TFT

Why work for TFT?

Opportunity: from exposure to the range of work to help you qualify and grow, to high-level investment in specialist aspects of consultancy and being part of a thriving organisation striving to make an impact socially and in the business world – we support you in achieving your aspirations and at the same time, place your ongoing wellbeing at the top of our list.

Support: we deliver consultancy to our global investor clients. Nurturing performance and building trusted long-term relationships within a socially committed organisation is how we do things at TFT.

Prestige: our clients tell us that we offer ‘exceptional expertise in a clear and pragmatic way, delivered by people they enjoy working with’ and ‘strategic, problem-solving and with a personal chemistry’ that makes them want to work with us (client survey 2018). So why not meet us and find out why our clients are happy to be our ambassadors?

To find out more about opportunities at TFT, call Chris or Lorna on +44 (0) 203 479 7723 or 7758, or email:


What makes TFT a great place to work


"I really like the people I work with – I look forward to coming to work both professionally and socially. It's fulfilling, engaging and fun."


"The variety of work makes for an engaging week – every week – and places me in a great position to qualify and have a fulfilling career."


"The wellbeing culture provides great benefits, workplaces designed with our input and the flexibility to work in the way we want to."