The office workplace is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the occupier. This is driven by technological development, changing work patterns and the goal of more efficient and contented personnel. Whether you are considering the development, purchase, occupation or improvement of office premises, we can bring the knowledge and expertise to achieve your goal. We know what can fail with office buildings – this comes from more than 40 years of surveying and analysis of existing buildings and their services – so the experience we bring to the table benefits you with a wider view of the management of new offices, their fit-out, reconfiguration and refurbishment.


We work across the whole industrial property spectrum, from a simple shed to a highly serviced clean-tech facility, Victorian warehouse to modern logistics hubs, and recognise the need to maintain the uptime of these business-critical industrial units. So, if you need to increase efficiency with super-flat floors or simply ensure that your roofs are water-tight to make sure that rain doesn’t affect processes or stored goods, we bring sector-specific understanding and technical insights to assist you.


Customer needs, buying trends, changing technology, the impact of sustainability and a revolution in logistics are all impacting retail property delivery and upkeep. Landlords and tenants are considering, not only risks, but also service charges, running costs and dilapidations liability. Our in-house specialists advise on access issues, building surveying, M&E and landlord and tenant matters, along with experience gained in prestigious refurbishment, store roll-out and fit-out projects. We work across many of the largest shopping centres in the UK and Europe, down to the smallest retail units on the high street. We understand the language and the needs of retailers, suppliers and investors.


Our experience spans the whole spectrum of educational establishments, from nurseries up to universities, including, publicly-funded and independent-sector establishments. We are also heavily involved with student accommodation projects, both on campus and investment-fund supported. Our impressive track record covers new-build and refurbishment projects, from high-level bulge solutions to ensuring your building is watertight. If you should need advice on funding applications and education site master plans, we can assist you in implementing proposals to optimise the teaching environment.


Today’s leisure property market and its building infrastructure is extremely diverse, from hotels, restaurants and pubs to coffee shops, libraries, art galleries and museums. Our experience embraces all of this and more, including multiplex cinemas, bowling alleys, football stadiums, sports arenas and even Wimbledon. You get access to a wide range of expert advice and opinion needed to deliver your projects, with a dedicated understanding of property and construction from in-house development, project management and cost consultancy teams. From TDD, through to fit-out and refurbishment, to preparation for disposal, we bring you sector specialists with expertise across the UK and Europe.


We have gained more than 40 years’ experience in the residential sector and have been involved with everything from site planning for housing estates to monitoring 1,000-bed student accommodation schemes. Whether you need design and access expertise or project consultancy and building surveying, we will work with you to provide environments that work for the residents and perform within the built environment. Many of our clients are involved in emerging markets such as commercial to resi conversions, PRS, senior living and student accommodation, which are becoming specific asset classes in their own right. You benefit from our knowledge of the sector and a wide in-house skill base.

If you would like to know more about our build-to-rent (BTR) capabilites, we have a dedicated page with more information, case studies and contacts, here.


The market is increasingly and instinctively moving back in the direction of mixed-use developments as a natural human environment. Social change is towards bright vibrant centres containing a mix of residential, retail and workplaces and – in the case of our project at Bath Southgate – a transport interchange incorporating rail and bus stations. These mixed functions – retail, residential, commercial and leisure – call for a firm understanding of each property sector component and how they integrate, together with an appreciation of the public realm and recognition of its sense of place. We have been involved in some notable mixed-use projects to date and the challenges of these projects are a successful match to the flexibility and wide scope of services and expertise available across the firm.