It’s time to talk, with Mind and LionHeart


Thursday 3rd February is Time to Talk Day, a joint mental health initiative by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, in partnership with the Co-op.

It’s all about encouraging people to talk about mental health with family, friends or colleagues and to focus on the different ways in which we can support those around us. To mark Time to Talk Day, LionHeart is running two free, friendly webinars over lunchtime, for RICS members to learn more about mental health awareness and the counselling services that LionHeart offers.  

What’s LionHeart? LionHeart is a charity for helping RICS members and their families in any way possible, from money worries to taking care of your mental health. Its aim is to be there for its members whenever life throws them a curve ball, from graduates studying for APC tests all the way through to retirement. 

TFT promotes these services for all our team and supports those who need further support in their career or with taking on the challenges that life presents us all. We’re all different, and our support is tailored to suit.

Make a note of these webinars coming up this week:

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness – 3rd February 11:00 to 11:45 

An introduction to mental health – and why it should be on everyone’s radar. 

Time to Talk: Counselling – 3rd February 13:15 to 13:45  

It’s Time to Talk Counselling! Join the LionHeart team who will answer all your questions about counselling and talking therapies so you can find out more about one of our most requested services. 

Click here to book and read about their other events throughout the year.  

Click here to find out more about Time to Talk Day. 

Finding a way to speak about mental health can feel daunting, but LionHeart has some tips on starting the conversation:  

  • Reach out to a friend, ask them how they’re doing  
  • Call someone you’ve not spoken to for a while 
  • Perform a random act of kindness for someone 
  • Give thanks to someone who has done something for you 
  • Go for a walk with someone and check in on how they’re doing 
  • Make someone a cup of tea and have a chat while you drink 

“Mental health really is a subject that affects each and every one of us – even if we like to think it doesn’t. We’d encourage members of the surveying profession to find time to join the conversations on Time to Talk Day.” – Jo Grant, LionHeart Training and Wellbeing Projects Manager.