The Prow, London

The Crown Estate

TFT was Project Manager, Cost Consultant, Sustainability Consultant, and Principal Designer to support the client in delivery of a turnkey contractor project.

The 1,664 sqft Cat B office fit-out included open plan office, meeting room, acoustic seating booths, comms room, and tea point. Works included partitioning, finishes, lighting upgrades, data and power installations, furniture installation, and mechanical adaptations.

TFT did the preparation and implementation of bespoke set of Development Sustainability Principles to include aspects such as waste and energy monitoring, low-VOC products and materials, responsible supply chain sourcing, etc. TFT worked closely with the contractor, client, agent, and property manager, to deliver the project within budget to a high standard of finish.

Our team helped the client in deciding the appropriate method to divert existing services to the relocated comms room location in order to facilitate ease of connection for an incoming tenant.