Geomatics is the practice of collecting, interpreting and presenting information on land and built assets, and is a crucial part of understanding buildings and the interventions they might require.

TFT geomatics services combine our wide-ranging surveying expertise with leading measurement and imaging technology. Together, we deliver a range of services to our clients to provide a solution to any measured survey requirement. While we tailor our services to reflect our client’s needs, typical services include:

  • Area reference reports (IPMS and COMP)
  • Measured Building surveys
  • Terrestrial laser scanning and Drone photogrammetry: Point cloud surveys
  • 3D Revit modelling and Scan-to-BIM
  • Topographical/Site surveys
  • Utility Surveys
  • Virtual Walkthroughs and Panoramic imaging
  • Lease/Title Plans
  • Drone surveys

When would you require geomatics support?

  • Technical due diligence: creating elevation drawings for building surveyors to accurately mark defects, assigning photos to specific locations and to assist in planning applications. 
  •  Fire regulations and building defects: creating façade or elevation drawings for exterior cladding will allow fire engineers to determine the extent of works required. These elevation plans can form an important part of planning permission, proposal and planning stages. 
  • Development works: topographical surveys or measured building surveys are essential when any kind of development takes place. We can help identify the layout and structure of the building and its services so that project teams can accurately plan their works. 
  • Rights of Light: we produce point cloud drawings and/or mass models, for our Rights of Light teams to analyse the apertures in a building and to model the impact of surrounding buildings on sunlight access.
  • Building and M&E engineering: we create point cloud images and Revit models to help mechanical and electrical engineers run more accurate clash detections on plans,  mitigating the risks of issues in the middle of a project.
  • Agency support: TFT does not have an agency offer, but we can support agents to create area reports for acquisition or sale of properties. Likewise, we support with lease plans and title plans.