TFT Volunteers at Woodlarks Camp, Guildford!


Every year, Sarah Gunn (pictured) from our marketing team volunteers at Woodlarks in Surrey, a fit for purpose campsite that provides camping holidays for disabled people. This year she was joined by our Senior Graphic Designer Deni Cherneva, who got the full tour of this great site that includes facilities built to cater for all; the visually-impaired, hearing-impaired and those wheelchair bound. The site is an all-inclusive place that brings outdoor experiences to those often excluded from activities such as paint-balling, water-skiing, trike rides, zorbing, laser-tag and much more. Campers stay in tents of all types and spend the week laughing and joking with each other, leaving the site feeling like they’re part of one big family.

Woodlarks hosts different a plethora of camps throughout the year, but the one the girls attended is called Trekkers and is for adults aged 30+. HR Partner Chris Keates Lewis visited mid-week and was chuffed to be introduced to the camp and all the great campers and volunteers!

If you would like to get involved with Trekkers click here, or to find out which camps are held at Woodlarks, click here!